Benefits of Using Wall Stickers and Decals at Home

Benefits of Using Wall Stickers and Decals at Home

Nothing else speaks more about yourself than your home. From the style of furniture down to the dining table center piece, your home is the true reflection of who you are as an individual, which is why home decoration should be a serious business. Furnishings aside, walls have always been an interesting aspect of home beautification. There are so many ways to go about decorating them like hanging frames and placing wallpaper – all of which could cost you quite a fortune. However, you don’t have to fret as there is another and much better way for you to beautify your plain walls without breaking the bank through the use of wall stickers or wall decals. Keep reading to know why you should try this out on your own home.


Wide Variety of Design Choices

One of the greatest things that come with decorating your home using wall stickers is that you’ll never run out of options. From cute, cartoony characters to sophisticated, elegant patterns, wall stickers Australia can cater to just about anyone, young or old. Even though a lot of designs are mass-produced daily, it’s highly unlikely for two people to use the same sticker the same way. Can’t find exactly what you want? Don’t worry; you can have your custom stickers too.


Easy on the Wallet

Unlike designing with wallpapers and framed paintings, wall stickers are inexpensive, giving your home décor budget a long way to go. Aside from costing considerably less than other options, wall stickers can easily last for as long as five years if taken care of properly, and some brands even produce wall stickers that can be reused a few more times. Amazing, isn’t it?


Practical Application

Wall stickers are a DIY home decorator’s best friend because they are simple to use. They also work on most types of walls, as long as the surface is flat, dry, and clean. Some shops also sell fabric wall stickers or fabric wall decals specially made for customers who wish to express themselves through wall decals but have walls lined with fabric materials. And just as how easy they are to put up, removable wall stickers are a breeze to take down too – no handymen, no additional fees, no fuss.



When it’s time to do a mass home redecoration, it can get really bothersome to remove some wall fixtures only to find out that they have made unsightly dirt marks on the wall, or worse, they dragged along some of the paint with them. With removable wall stickers, you do not have to worry about cracked concrete or peeled paint because it only takes a little heating to pull them off. Wall decals are easy to clean as well, so you don’t have to go through long hours of laborious scrubbing to keep them looking good as new.


Made with Safe Materials

Thinking of putting up a few nursery wall stickers to give the baby something interesting to look at while you’re away? Fear not as a lot of wall stickers are made of materials that are safe for you and your little one. Upon purchasing, just make sure to ask your favorite shop for non-toxic wall stickers, specifically those that are vinyl-free. Are you aiming for a strictly eco-friendly lifestyle? These non-toxic wall stickers are perfect for you too!

Beautifying your home with a handful of wall stickers is indeed a more viable alternative. Head out now to your nearest shop and have a look at their designs to see if anything appeals to you. Just remember, it only takes a good deal of imagination to spice up a boring wall.