Educate Your Kids With Nursery Wall Decals

Our fabric wall decals are non-toxic and safe for nursery rooms. Lots of cute designs to help you bring more funs on the boring walls. Your children will be happy while staying in the cot or play pen.

More Details:

Welcome to the place which will be your kids’ favourite, their safe space where they spend most of their time, where they sleep and dream, letting their imagination run wild. It is every parent’s wish to decorate this space in a way that would be a fun play area and inspire their imagination even more. However, to decorate a beautiful nursery, you do not necessarily need to burn a hole in your pockets. You can start decorating using something as simple and budget friendly as our nursery wall decals. Wall decals for kids’ rooms make for a great decorative piece adding individuality and charm as you can pick from a wide range of collections, according to what appeals to your little one.

Wide Collection Range Of Nursery Wall Decals

We wish to warn you not to let your kids see our collection of nursery wall decals because there will be a heavy hit on your pocket. You may even have a full-blown tantrum on your hands, and your little darlings may just force you into buying each one of our nursery wall decals.

But if such a thing does happen, be assured that you would be decorating with our finest assortment of wall decals for kid’s room. Each of our nursery wall decals is carefully crafted to add a touch of magic and fantasy to the room. The themes and ideas behind these simple stickers go deeper than you realise. Whether your child is an ice cream lover or a budding palaeontologist in the making with a T-rex fascination, or maybe the future Neil Armstrong dreaming about shooting for the stars to land on the moon, our broad range of beautifully decorated nursery wall decals has it all covered.

Or perhaps your kid is an animal lover, a future veterinarian, or a pet shelter owner. Trust us. They will love it if you bring them our animal themed nursery wall decals. We have everything from aquatic themes with whales, dolphins to forest wildlife with adorable tigers and cute pandas.

Suppose your little one is a sports fan, maybe a Michael Jordan fan, dreams of joining the basketball team or hitting the trails on his skateboard. In that case, we have excellent sports themed wall decals for your kids’ room as well. Be it a little bookworm, or airhead or a little screamer for ice cream, we offer all kinds of designs for nursery wall decals to please their little hearts.

Child-Friendly Material And Formula

Our wide range of extremely creative and colourful wall decals for kids’ room is not the only thing we pride ourselves on. Here at Fabric Wall Stickers, we take the safety of your little ones very seriously. We make sure to use non-toxic adhesive for our decals. Additionally, all of our nursery wall decals are printed using eco-solvent ink. The material used is phthalates-free, eco-friendly. We do all this to make all of our wall decals for kids’ rooms safe, even for your infant’s nursery.

Ease of use

Our nursery wall decals are extremely easy to use for decoration with a simple peel and stick system. They are also easily removable and reusable in case your child shifts their room, or you choose to relocate.