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Aliens & UFO Wall Stickers

NZ $45.00
SKU: W157

Are aliens exist? Your child will ask you this question while looking at the aliens & UFO wall stickers on the wall. It might open another world to be discovered for them.

The wall stickers are made of quality fine-weave removable fabric. It's easy to peel and stick on the wall to decorate the children's room.

The Aliens & UPO wall stickers set includes 3 UFOs with aliens inside, 1 alien is flying in the space, 1 alien is looking at the universe with a telescopes and other planets, stars. The large UFO is approx 24.7cm(w) x 19.1cm(h). The blue UFO is approx 28.2cm(w) x 23.1cm(h). The flying alien is approx 12.8cm(w) x 16.8cm(h).