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Dinosaur Fabric Wall Decals
Dinosaur Wall Stickers
Dinosaur Fabric Wall Stickers Info
Dinosaur Fabric Wall Sticker
Dinosaur Fabric Wall Decal
Fabric Wall Decal - Dinosaur
Dinosaur Fabric Wall Stickers

Dinosaur Fabric Wall Stickers

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Invite the cute ancient dinosaurs to have a party in your bedroom.

The dinosaur wall stickers set includes:

  • 6 dinosaurs
  • 2 dinosaur babies in eggs.


  • The large stegosaurus is approx. 66cm(w) x 34cm(h).
  • The small egg is approx. 11.5cm(w) x 13cm(h).

At a glance:

  • Made of quality fine-weave fabric wall stickers
  • Nontoxic, available for nursery room, bedroom & playroom
  • Die-cut decals, easy to peel and stick on wall
  • Re-positionable, makes it easy to apply
  • Removable, no residue leave, suitable for rental house
  • Matt texture finish, looks painted on the wall
  • No white edges, looks more nature

Let's Get Ancient With Dinosaur Wall Decals

Let's go back 65 million years and let your kids know about the dinosaurs. Your kids might not be interested in dinosaur history but what if they want to be an aspiring palaeontologist, maybe take the road of Ross Geller? You can never know what they want to be unless you put all the options before them. With our never-ending collection, allow us to present you the dinosaur wall decals. These cute dinosaur wall decals are not at all scary and can let your kid know a thing or two about dinosaurs. There are different kinds of dinosaur wall decals we have, and you should see our collection on the site.

Further Info About Our Dinosaur Wall Decals

Our dinosaur wall decals set has several stickers. Your kid will get to know about different kinds of dinosaurs. The size and lengths are mentioned and will give you an idea about what to stick on which wall.

We know how vinyl can be unsuitable for some walls and thus have gone an extra mile to make these dinosaur wall decals with fine-quality fabric that does no harm at all. These non-toxic dinosaur wall decals can be applied in the bedroom, playroom or living room, as you please.

Stickers can be hard to apply as you spend most of the time figuring out how to remove the peel. Our dinosaur wall decals are pretty clear with the instructions, and all you have to do is get it off and apply it on the wall without thinking much. If your judgment is a little off and you realise you have applied at the wrong positions, there is nothing to worry about. Just remove it and apply it correctly, and there would be no difference seen.

Some secrets are best kept hidden from the landlord. It is only bad if you get caught, right? Suppose your landlord doesn't allow you to apply stickers on the wall. In that case, these dinosaur wall decals are appropriate to apply as they don't leave any residue. Coming with a matte colour finish and no white edges, they look like they are painted on a wall. You wouldn't be able to distinguish between a painting and stickers.

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