Tips On Designing Rooms With Wall Stickers

Tips On Designing Rooms With Wall Stickers

Planning to decorate your room is easier said than done, especially for families with a limited space in their house. The scope to design the walls, ceiling, and other parts of your room seems a lot more narrow. You can definitely add in furniture and home decorations, but with limited space, we can only do much.

That’s why taking advantage of the biggest open spaces at home, which are the walls, is a great idea. One way of doing this is by using wall stickers.

While they’re great additions to any room, they can, however, appear intimidating, especially when it’s your first time using them. Luckily, with this guide, you can use the given tips here to learn how to apply these wall decals like a pro:


Patterns, Textures, and Types

The first thing that you should do is to pick a pattern. You can opt for a symmetrical or a random pattern. Both have their own advantages, so just pick what you prefer. Also, you’ll have to take note of the texture. There are basic ones with plain surfaces while there are others with texture on them such as fabric wall stickers or fabric wall decals. They too have their own advantages, so choose what resonates with you.

There are also types of stickers that you can choose from. If you have a baby at home, nursery wall stickers or non-toxic wall stickers are great. If you want a plainer design, there are basic ones in the market as well such as circles, squares, triangles, and the like. You can also opt to get non-removable or removable wall stickers.


Symmetrical Pattern

If you choose the symmetrical pattern, this can get tricky. This is because you’ll need to perfectly paste the stickers in order for you to form a totally symmetrical layout. Thus, instead of doing this by hand, a laser spirit level may come in handy. In this way, you can make your rows straight.

Another way of doing this is to measure your wall first. You can then decide how many columns or rows of stickers you’d want to stick on the walls. Calculate the gap or distance between every sticker for a more accurate output. To help you with the spacing, you can also use a pre-cut cardboard or sturdy paper as your guide.   


Random Patterns

Compared to the symmetrical pattern, the random pattern is easier as you don’t have to stress on the measurements here. As you’re applying random patterns, you have more options for designing too. These are some patterns that you can follow:

  • 5 of Dice Pattern

You can randomly place your stickers on the wall, but to refrain from leaving big spaces on one side of the wall and tight clusters on the other part, follow the 5 of dice pattern. To put it simply, just place one sticker on the wall first; this will act as the center sticker. Then, expand by placing four stickers in its corner, creating a diagonal cross. Repeat this process until you cover the entire wall.

  • Cluster Pattern

Another way of randomly placing your stickers in a pleasing manner is by clustering them. You can make a spontaneous cluster that starts in the middle of the wall or a cluster surrounding an object such as a picture frame or clock. You can also make clusters from the corners of the wall.

  • Waterfall Pattern

Lastly, we have the waterfall pattern. This is ideal for circular stickers. You can start by placing the stickers densely at the top of the ceiling. As you stick them downwards, widen their spacing so that you’re creating that waterfall effect.

These are some simple yet effective tips on designing rooms with wall stickers. Just remember the general rule – the bigger the sticker is, the greater the spacing is needed.

If you’re interested to design your rooms with wall stickers, you can visit wall stickers Australia for more wall design concepts. Start decorating today by applying these tips, and you’ll surely have a great room in no time!