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Questions & Answers

Where are the wall decals printed and sent from?

We're an Australian own business. All of our wall decals and wallpaper are proudly printed and sent from our Sydney office in Australia.

How are Fabric wall stickers different to other vinyl wall stickers?

All of our wall stickers are made from fine-weave, non-toxic, PVC-free fabric, meaning it is more environmentally friendly and safe for the kids. Compared to vinyl wall stickers, our fabric wall decals are non-stretchable, allowing it to be removable, repositionable and numerous reapplications without losing stickiness.

Using vinyl wall stickers provide a higher risk of damaging wall paint. On removal they may peel off the paint or leave residue on the walls. They are not be suitable for use in nursery rooms.

Are the wall decals removable?

Yes. Our fabric wall stickers use a patented water based adhesive that can come off the wall easily without leaving any residue or damaging the paint. If you want to reposition your stickers, just remove and re-stick them in your desired location.

Can the wall decals be applied to newly painted walls?

It is recommended to not apply the wall stickers on the newly painted walls until the paint has completely outgassing, which can take from 30-60 days.

Is it hard to apply the wall decals?

Definitely not. Even your children can do the job, and they definitely will love doing it. The decals are top cut individually on sheets. So simply peel and stick on the wall to decorate a room. If they're stuck on to the wrong place, no be panic. Our fabric wall decals are repositionable and reusable, so just peel and re-stick them in your desired location.

What types of surfaces can the wall stickers be applied to?

It is recommended that the intended surface or wall is smooth and clean. A dirty, egg shells cracking wall or wall with Teflon paint might affect the the adhesive of the glue.

If you have a rough, textured or brick wall, please mention it in the comments when order is placed, we will print your job on the fabric wall stickers with high tack adhesive, so that they will be able to stick better.

Can you print my custom design of wall decals?

Yes, we can print your designs of wall decals. Please contact us with your design and specifications for a quote.