Does The Fabric Wall Stickers Cause Damage to Wall Surfaces?

Does The Fabric Wall Stickers Cause Damage to Wall Surfaces?

Usually, people ask us whether or not these decorative wall stickers inflict any unsightly marks on the wall. Believe it or not, this is a common question that we get quite a lot, and it makes sense too. After all, who wants permanent damage to their walls when it is time to get rid of the decals!

If you also have been in a hurry or impatient for the answer, in a nutshell, the response is that they might damage your walls if you select the wrong stickers as not all wall decal companies care about your walls or the environment. However, there is a lot to wall decals that one must be aware of before deciding on whether or not to go for them.

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The Right And Wrong Wall Decals

Just like clothes, wall decals also come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. Also, just like in fashion, several companies of wall decals take the easiest and the cheapest route when it comes to selecting the materials for these decals. Some of them even go for harmful material that was not intended for use in homes or walls for that matter. Therefore, the most crucial thing for you to remember when looking for the perfect wall decals is it is all about the material. You must check the material that the decal has been printed on, as all the materials are not the same.


Is The Wall Sticker Glue Strong Enough?

Decal material producers generally have an array of diverse glue strengths. In this regard, decals that have been made for indoor walls typically have glue that is less strong while the materials made for outdoor walls might come with more permanent and stronger glue. If wall decal companies go for materials with super strong glue, it will be equally harder for you to remove the stickers.

Hence, they are bound to leave marks on your walls when you remove them. Mostly, you need heat in order to soften the hard glue prior to removing the stickers. In addition to that, if you ever find yourself in doubt, it is recommended that you ask the seller regarding the type of glue that has been used by them in the stickers. You must hear words such as low-tack, repositionable, low-adhesive, removable, and temporary in the answer for it to be correct.


Furthermore, you can also ask sellers whether or not their decals are repositionable as this typically means that the material used by them is of high quality and easy to remove. Remember that glue tends to harden over time, and so, even if a company has used removable glue, it can sometimes become a huge pain to remove them if they have been stuck to your walls for years at a stretch. In such instances, stickers are bound to leave light marks even if the right glue has been used.


What Do We Offer?

Fabric Wall Stickers is a premium wall decal company. We offer low-tack adhesive that is easy to reposition and remove. The only drawback of using light adhesive is in cases where walls are painted using non-stick paint or are rough as decals might not attach on such walls very well. This is precisely why we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee when it comes to our products. This ensures that you do not have to think twice before buying wall stickers or decals from us. If you do not like the deliverables, you can always return it!