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10 Cute Wall Decals And Stickers For Kids Room

Decals and wall stickers are an amazing way to bring life to your kid’s room. These stickers can be anything from a tree and birds to stars and the moon and can be a quick and effortless way to add a lot of character and the element of fun to your child’s room. Moreover, these wall stickers are non-toxic and do not use any PVC fabric. Therefore, you can be sure of the safety of your child at all times. If you have been looking for 10 cute wall decals and stickers for your kid’s room, your search ends here! Custom Wall Stickers Custom wall stickers can quickly turn into your best friends. These stickers are perfect for those parents...

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Does The Fabric Wall Stickers Cause Damage to Wall Surfaces?

Usually, people ask us whether or not these decorative wall stickers inflict any unsightly marks on the wall. Believe it or not, this is a common question that we get quite a lot, and it makes sense too. After all, who wants permanent damage to their walls when it is time to get rid of the decals!     If you also have been in a hurry or impatient for the answer, in a nutshell, the response is that they might damage your walls if you select the wrong stickers as not all wall decal companies care about your walls or the environment. However, there is a lot to wall decals that one must be aware of before deciding on...

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How to Choose the Right Wall Stickers

Wall decals make the perfect resource tobeautifully decorate the walls of your home. Whether you are moving into a new home or remodelling the existing space, a wall sticker can greatly improve a wall’s appearance. And wall stickers can truly enhance the look of your walls and set the tone of your home without costing too much time or money. Wall decals are also gaining popularity among homeowners because of the flexibility they offer in creating personalized themes. Besides that, they can be used to hide certain areas and patches on spaces and liven up the walls.     Nonetheless, just like any other product, it can be difficult to choose what wall stickers to use. For this reason, there...

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Tips on Designing Rooms with Wall Stickers

Planning to decorate your room is easier said than done, especially for families with a limited space in their house. The scope to design the walls, ceiling, and other parts of your room seems a lot more narrow. You can definitely add in furniture and home decorations, but with limited space, we can only do much. That’s why taking advantage of the biggest open spaces at home, which are the walls, is a great idea. One way of doing this is by using wall stickers. While they’re great additions to any room, they can, however, appear intimidating, especially when it’s your first time using them. Luckily, with this guide, you can use the given tips here to learn how to...

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How to Install Wall Stickers and Decals the Right Way?

Congratulations! You finally decided to re-decorate a part of your house. Using wall decals or wall stickers is an easy way to revamp any room in your house. Although these are made for quick application, there are things you need to do before you decorate. Here are no-fail ways to install wall stickers and decals. Application Preps 1. Finding the perfect spot Look for a space that needs a new look. Measure the space you choose and take into consideration the wall color or the other decorations around it. For example, if you will use nursery wall stickers, you have to make sure that the color and decorations have the same or matching theme. Plan how you will position your...

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