How to Choose the Right Wall Stickers

How to Choose the Right Wall Stickers

Wall decals make the perfect resource to beautifully decorate the walls of your home. Whether you are moving into a new home or remodelling the existing space, a wall sticker can greatly improve a wall’s appearance. And wall stickers can truly enhance the look of your walls and set the tone of your home without costing too much time or money. Wall decals are also gaining popularity among homeowners because of the flexibility they offer in creating personalized themes. Besides that, they can be used to hide certain areas and patches on spaces and liven up the walls.

Nonetheless, just like any other product, it can be difficult to choose what wall stickers to use. For this reason, there are factors that need to be determined when choosing wall stickers. Below are some useful tips on how to select the right wall stickers for decorating.


1. Select the Appropriate Surface

First and foremost, know where you want to place your wall stickers and ensure that it’s the right surface. It is highly recommended that the intended surface or wall is smooth and even. Basically, tiles and textured or rough walls are not the best surfaces to stick wall decals to because they are likely to leave pockets of air, and this will interfere with the decals adhering. Also, wall stickers tend to shrink in different weather conditions when displayed in rough and bumpy surfaces.

Before you settle for a particular wall sticker, it is a wise idea to read the content on the packaging in order to determine the type of surface the decal will stick to and the preparation required. Also, enlighten yourself with the removal process so as to not damage your walls in the process.


2. Choose the Right Design for Your Wall

Since different spaces serve different purposes, ensuring that you get the right decal design for your intended space is crucial. While there are so many designs for wall stickers, not all of them are intended for certain areas. You, therefore, need to know what wall decals to display in the spaces available.  Here are some great ideas for decorating different rooms in your home:

  • Living Room

The living room can be the most intimidating room to decorate since this is where your family and visitors spend the most time in. You want to ensure that the piece you choose reflects your personality and provides a warm environment for sparking conversations. Begin by measuring the size of your living room to help you pick the appropriate size of stickers for the walls. Most living rooms are decorated with large stickers especially if the walls are large and wide. Large stickers not only create a focal point but also fill up a visual field.

  • Bedroom

A bedroom is a place of relaxation, and the decal should reflect that by not having too many details. Find decals with pastel colors and those that mimic nature to give your bedroom a beautiful and relaxing scenery. Look for wall decals that have soothing colors and hang them at eye level.

Additionally, there are numerous wall sticker designs that you can use to decorate your children’s room. It would be a great idea to involve them in the selection process and take into account what they like. For instance, if they like stars or adventures, opt for wall stickers that will showcase their preferences.

You can also select from a wide array of animals, cartoon characters, and fairy tales for your nursery wall stickers. Basically, choose wall stickers with light colors and anything that can be associated with babies like plush animals.

  • Bathroom

The bathroom is a fun room to decorate with wall stickers. Decals with pictures of mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and marine animals make a perfect backdrop for the bathroom. For your kid’s bathroom, go for decals with colourful scenes, alphabets, and any other designs that would help broaden the imagination of your child.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is another room that often gets forgotten when it comes to decoration. You can always find attractive decal designs to match the theme and style of your kitchen utensils and furniture. Go with stickers that can be linked to food or social prints that are fun to look at. Smaller pieces are great for the kitchen space, and they can be placed above the cabinets or countertops.


3. Choose the Right Colors

The color of the wall decal is without a doubt an important consideration. You want to ensure that the colors you choose perfectly fit your space and the interior decor. Colors can influence one’s mood and even speak volumes of their outlook at life. There are so many color options to choose from, you just need to find the one that will work best for the theme in your home. The key is to find a wall decal color that contrasts with your wall color.

In order to do this, take a closer look at the wall you are considering and determine whether it has a darker or lighter shade. If you prefer a wall decal color that blends in, then pick something that is closer to your wall color. On the other hand, choose a contrasting color if you want the wall stickers to really stand out. Warm colors such as red can trigger emotions like anger while cool colors such as blue can induce calmness.

Similarly, you might want to choose a wall decal color based on the color of your sofa, carpet, and other furniture. If you are uncertain whether the wall sticker will work in your space, get the opinion of an interior designer or even your family. You may as well want to stick to white and black when you’re not sure what color to incorporate since they go well with almost everything.


4. Pick the Right Size

Before you go out shopping for wall decals, take a look at the size of your space where you want your wall decal to appear. Although choosing a wall decal that fits a particular space is often disregarded, it makes all the difference in giving the room a complete look. A decal can transform any space; however, it can lose its allure when placed in a wall with too much space.

Since the wall stickers are sold in inches or centimeters, you need to carefully measure the wall and determine how much coverage you will require. If you are working with a small space, consider something that will open up the space. Larger wall decals are a great choice for large spaces as they serve as the focal point of the room or wall. Small wall decals fill up small spaces well.

Apart from the length and width of the space, also think about the height of the ceiling. Typically, the decal should hang 57-60 inches from the floor and 6-12 inches above the sofa or furniture. However, this can vary from one room to another. Do not forget to get the product’s specifications to know how much coverage it will provide.


5. Select the Appropriate Sticker Type

Wall stickers are available in different types, including reusable stickers, removable wall stickers, self-adhesive transfer stickers, and non-self-adhesive transfer stickers.  The removable type is the best bet if you are looking for stickers that are easy to use and are mess-free. If you don’t know which sticker type will fit you best, do not hesitate to get a second opinion.

Also, you need to decide whether you want to liven up your room with vinyl wall decals or fabric wall decals. Vinyl stickers can be used for various purposes while fabric wall stickers are mainly used by homeowners because they allow creativity and do not damage the walls. Additionally, fabric wall stickers are easy to make; you just need cotton fabric, clothing iron, and iron-on adhesive sheets.


6. Safety

Of course, the safety of you and your family should be a priority when you are choosing wall stickers. Do your research and ensure that the decal you are contemplating to purchase is made from safe and non-toxic material. Most importantly, you will need non-toxic wall stickers if you are decorating your child’s room or nursery room. Be sure to read the product’s label and see to it that it doesn’t contain any lead, phthalate, or VOC on it.



If you are tired of the plain walls in your home or office, then it’s time to transform your walls into a stylish display of creativity using wall stickers. The right wall decal will give your home an aesthetically pleasing ambiance that would speak volumes about who you really are. There is a wide range of wall stickers with different designs ranging from simple to sophisticated.

Without spending too much, you can transform the look of your home and illuminate your space. You just need to ensure that the wall decals you choose to personalize your space go with the vibe of the room and match your style. Do extensive research on the internet and proactively look for different designs before making a final decision.